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Cardio Boxing

Cardio boxing is a great way to condition the entire body!

This workout burns calories and increases weight loss while building muscle in the upper and lower body and core.  It increases agility, builds endurance, improves balance and coordination and reduces stress all at the same time.

Instructor Reggie Parks, is nationally certified by the ISSA (International Sport Sciences Association) for over 9 years. Reggie developed an interest in fitness while playing professional football and decided to really develop his knowledge of this science once he decided his playing days were over. Since then, he has put his knowledge to the test while competing in Ohio’s Mixed Martial Arts scene to help himself throughout his own training in order to stay competitive as well as injury free in such a demanding sport.

He has been instructing Boxing for the past 4 years bringing the technical aspect adding lots of cardio, boxing drills and fun! Reggie has worked with professional athletes as well as population groups ranging from six years of age up to adults in their golden years. He believes that functional training is the key to injury prevention, sports performance, and overall fitness. Reggie has also managed several private clubs and has been known as an intense boot camp instructor. “Creating your ideal body can sometimes be an ugly process but, the results are infinite.”

Awards and Achievements:

  • 2008 Superior Cage Fighting Welterweight champion

  • 2009 NAAFS National Amateur Welterweight champion

    Media and Print Experience:

  • MTV Show Coach on TV series Made

  • Superior Cage Fighting Fighter of The Month

  • ESPNCleveland.com Fighter of The Month

  • Griffon Rawl Fighter of The Month

  • UMAXX Featured Fighter of The Month

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