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Hi! My name is Angie Pasquinelli Yates and I’m a dietitian/partner at SpikeFitness and Wellness Center. I am a registered and licensed dietitian in the state of Ohio and will be working in conjunction with our wonderful staff of personal trainers to ensure the members of Spike Fitness receive the best combination of nutrition & fitness. I will be writing diets and providing nutrition classes as well as providing nutritional counseling. I am a former college athlete and nutrition/fitness is a passion of mine that I believe in and follow in my daily routine. 

My goal is to help those at Spike Fitness understand their personal relationship with food and how it affects their body & overall well being. I want to share my knowledge in hopes that nutrition can become a passion of all those who come in to SpikeFitness! I am so excited to be part of SpikeFitness.

Nutrition services are available for Spike Fitness members and non-members alike.  

Stop in the gym, call (740) 919-4312 or email [email protected] for details.

Hard Work Pays Off - OVER 1,100 POUNDS LOST!!!

Another great month from our personal training and nutrition clients!!! Down another 73 pounds this May and together our clients have lost a total of 1,100 pounds since the gym opened.
A special congratulations to May's top 3 "losers":
Adam Rice
Lowell Stout
Dianna Mayes
Keep up the great work and congratulations on an amazing month!

Congratulations Diane Michel - 2012's Top "Loser"

Diane began training with Steve in March of 2012 and never looked back. Through diet change and hard work Diane has lost a total of 40 pounds, 6.5” on her waist, 4.5” on her hips and 9.3% body fat! Diane’s amazing transformation was a direct result of her hard work and dedication. There is rarely a day that you won’t see Diane in the gym and continues to make healthy food choices each day. Diane truly has made a lifestyle change, and the results show! Great job Diane, keep it up!

"One day on a whim, I talked with Angie about the nutrition and meal plan. I thought I knew quite a bit about nutrition and I did. Angie taught me so much more. I learned so much about portion control, weigh/ measure. I learned how to read nutritional labels and apply their values. The meal plan was easy to follow and did not leave me feeling hungry or deprived. True, it takes more time to cook and prepare fresh meals rather than cracking a can open (sodium!!) or buying prepared frozen meals (fat and sodium!) or slapping a lunchmeat (fat and sodium) sandwich together but is oh so worth it in the long run. I have always had a love of the salt shaker and out the window it went (not really, but I no longer need or use it)." - Diane

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