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Group Fitness Classes - Class Descriptions

Introductory Training -  Work out on the equipment in a group setting with a personal trainer.  A great way to try out personal training and learn your way around the gym!

Zumba Level 1 -  Designed for anyone from beginners to advanced. Discover the world of Zumba and you will never turn back!


Zumba Level 2 -  Designed for the individual that wants to burn the extra calories. Slightly higher impact then Level 1 for the experienced Zumba fanatic!


Cardio Pump - Designed for the Zumba enthusiest that wants to add the extra push.  This includes all the aspects of regular Zumba along with some hiphop, kick boxing alot of punching.   Push your self to the next level for that extra calorie burn!


Cardio Hip Hop - Appealing to the younger generation ages 16 and up.  This class combines all the moves of zumba with added dance moves to today's new modern hip songs focusing on the entire body with alot of emphasis on the abs! 


Kids' Zumba -  Fitness starts with the youth by training them healthy eating and physical activity provides for a longer healthier life. These classes are highly energetic fun moves to age appropriate music. The kids will love this class and beg to come back for more!!!


Spinning - Ride the flats and hills, seated, standing, jumping and sprinting... A mega calorie burner with no impact!!!!  Be sure to sign up at the front desk to reserve your bike for your ride. Sign ups are available one hour prior to class time. No admittance to the studio once the lights are off!!!


Yoga -  Designed for any level of fitness.....  Breathe, stretch, strengthen and enjoy.   Yoga in a group fitness format for all levels.  Please bring your own mats to class or rent one from the front desk.  This class wll improve your balance and flexibility and help with relaxation while burning calories.


Senior Fit -  For those hovering around the age of 50 and still active, join us for this 30 minute class of cardio, strength training and stretching.   Lower impact but toning and lots of calorie burning!   


Bootcamps for Kids**  - This is a class taught by personal trainers for children ages 8 and up.  This is a personal training session in a group setting to help the young athlete with speed, hand and eye coordination along with cardio and minimal strength.  Please contact the personal trainers for pricing.

Bootcamps for Adults** - Push your body to the next level.  This is personal training in a group fitness setting.  Please contact a personal trainer for pricing.

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