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Spike Fitness and Wellness
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Welcome Columbus City School Employees !!!!

Join us for New FItness Classes



Monday :         Senior Fit 9 am  Zumba 9:45am, w Lisel



                       Dance Fit w Kat at   6pm



Tuesday :         Zumba 6pm with Cheryl 


                          Spinning  w Shelly at 7pm



Wednesday:   Senior Fit 9 & Zumba at 9:45  w Lisel 


                          Fitness Toning 7pm w Karla




Thursday:       HipHop w Danielle at 6,


                         Spinning w Shelly at 7pm



Saturday;       Yoga w Katie at 9am


                         Hip Hop with Melissa at 10am



Congratulations to our top weight loss winners for this month!

Vicki Heilman

Tracy Oyler

Susan Diduk

Congratulations to our client of the month Mindy Maple

"I used to work and workout at a gym and I loved it! Then, a couple years ago hit a bump in the road … I started a new job with long hours, became depressed, went on medication, then to top it off I got plantar fasciitis in both feet! As a result I turned to food and began eating more. Food at that time was my friend! My rock bottom came when I weighed in at 199# and realized I couldn't keep packing on the pounds. So I decided I was going to do something about it. I started going back to SpikeFitness in January of this year and even though I was so embarrassed going to the gym, I did it and I'm glad I started when I did!! I'm in a healthier state of mind and the treadmill is my friend now!!! I started personal training with Spike then Angie helped me with a meal plan and as a result I’m now 35.8# lighter and I'm feeling better, eating smarter and finally came off my medicine! I went from doing little to no activity to now working out 6 days a week doing cardio for 1 hour each day, training with Spike 3 days a week for 30 minutes, and taking spinning class with Shelly 2 nights a week. I'm back to my normal self and loving it!!!! Thanks to my friends, family, and the Spike Fitness team!"



Spike Fitness holds events to create awareness and give back to the community.  Check out some of our past events here.


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